Screen Time

In this blog post I’m going to talk to you a little about plasma screens. Yes, plasma screens.

For those of you who are still reading and haven’t closed the tab at the thought of reading 600 words on televisions let me explain a little about the systems across campus.

Firstly, the plasma screen system at the University is a little bit eccentric, with many systems scattered across the various buildings and sites. Let’s start by taking a look at Student Central.

The main screen we have, of course, is our large 80+ inch screen dominating the middle floor which shows a range of videos, slides, event posters and news stories over the course of a day. Did you know that, like most of the other plasma screens, that you can advertise on it? It’s also available for events and presentations. Since its installation last summer it has re-streamed a General Meeting and been a display for open council meetings, and also been used by students presenting in the space. If you book out the Union Mall you can plug in your laptop directly into the screen and have your very own massive promotional tool.


We are looking at future development of the screen including some permanent speakers (at the moment sound is available but a PA system has to be plugged in) and a more active presentation system that can match graphics with a news ticker and more!

Elsewhere on the main floor we have our smaller plasma screen outside the coffee shop which shows a variety of images but we’re looking at maybe re-purposing this for a display behind reception.

We will also soon be installing one extra NUS screen as well which will display exciting NUS Extra and shop offers, so keep an eye out for that one appearing before September!

Downstairs in the bars we have two systems. One is called the SubInfo – or D-Sub; these are the portrait screens in the Sports Bar and the Amp Bar and display various images. These are particularly useful as, displayed as they are upright, are much easier to add posters onto them, which are typically designed in a portrait style.


Elsewhere downstairs we have the SubTV system in the Amp Bar which plays music videos throughout the day, and each weekend we post which videos are on the playlist on our website. Did you know that you can also download an app for the SubTV system that allows you to pick the music that plays on it?

Moving outside of Student Central there are further plasma screens in the Richmond Building – you’ve probably seen them displaying news, events, and propaganda for the Team Bradford Tournament (Team Orange for the win, by the way!) – alongside other ones at the Faculty of Management and Law.

Before I wrap up this brief insight into the world of plasma screens, a quick reminder that if you have events or news to publicise we can get your graphics onto the screens. Below are the dimensions for each of the screens so if you want imagery up on them please drop them into us!

SubTV: 856px x 480px landscape, 72dpi JPG, RGB
SubInfo: 1280px x 768px – portrait, 72dpi JPG, RGB
Plasma: 1280px x 640px – landscape, 72dpi JPG, RGB
Big Screen: 1920px x 1280px –  landscape, 72dpi JPG, RGB

Hopefully that’s given you an insight into the plasma screen system on campus, what we’d like explore as a Students’ Union and how you can get involved. If you have any thoughts on our plasma screens then please comment below!

Keep an eye out for further posts on our blog over the next few weeks over summer. I’ll be bringing you pieces on marketing, Party on the Amp, marketing and website among other things, but other members of the team will also be posting new content too!