The Leadership Inspiration Cycle @ UBU

Enter first day @ Sabbatical Officer Training, myself and the other 5 sabbs enter the room SC 0.50, nervous and excited. After a small briefing with the senior UBU staff, we were told “oh you are gonna go see the Boss- the Vice Chancellor, now!” One of the returning sabbs asked, “Today, Already?” It was that big of a shock for everyone that the we, 2nd and 3rd year students, just one hour into sabbatical training have to go see the boss himself. Anyway, everyone geared up, got briefed about the boss, and off we went. It was a good experience. Learning how to control your nerves, your gestures and most importantly your mouth was the feeling I personally got for the first time, but seeing the Vice Chancellor talk to us the way he was, we all realised, we were leaders now, Student as well as Community Leaders.

Anyway, got back into training room and our CEO enters in, all ready to brief us about the UBU, but before that, he plans to ask all of us a series of sequential question whose answers left me awestruck for the next half day or so. He asked me, “what are you today?” I answered, “the Union Affairs Officer (UAO).” He further asked me, “did someone inspire you to get till here?” I answered, “yeah Jimi Oke (the UAO 2 years before) and Sam Butters (The Sports and Societies Officer 2 years ago).” He then asked me “What were you when Sam started inspiring you?” I got the idea of where he was taking me but I replied, “A Society President?” “Did Sam help you in setting up the society too?” “Yes,” i replied all astonished. “So now you see my friend, this inspiration was all planned,” said Mr. CEO.

So this conversation now had already struck me right in the brain. He was so right. Everything my CEO just said to me was absolutely right. It was all a cycle. My predecessors were all told before me, “you have to observe people and start inspiring them, in the way that it bring out the leader in them.”

And that very day we were also told that our UBU Mission Statement is “Inspire and Nurture each student” which was followed by “from now onwards, you also have to inspire students and bring out the leaders in them.”

But then the realisation occurred to me. All this time when I was presiding societies and sports clubs, getting all those President’s award and ex- sabbs were telling me “you can get this sabb position, dont worry at all bro,”  was all a part of the inspiration process! And all this time I had been thinking I was such a strong individual that everything I planned went so well and I achieved such awesome results, crap! It was all a way to inspire me to be where I am today. Work was being done on me, it was a channel to bring out the best in me. And honestly, now when I think about it, I would have never achieved in my University time without that inspiration.

After going through this crazy but deep thought, I know what I have to do as a sabbatical officer this year! I have to inspire students. I have to find successors for the Union, I have to inspire students so one year from now, another person is writing this blog here saying “Hamza Butt- the UAO from one year ago inspired me to get here.” And I am sure when Mr. CEO tells him of this Inspiration Cycle here at UBU, he/she will be left awestruck, just as I was and I am even today. One question comes out of this blog, “could you have ever imagined all this work was being done behind the scenes all this time?” And the moral of the story that nurtures from this blog is very straight forward and simple, “Inspire and nurture each student, enrich their journey, maximise their potential and sustain UBU’s future!”

#TeamBradford #OhBradfordIsSoWonderful…!!!