BEP : Next Steps


Firstly, thanks to everyone who turned out at yesterday’s meeting. It was great to see almost 200 people coming together to show their strong opposition to 165 of our colleagues being made redundant.

The attendance confirmed what we already knew – that there is strong opposition to these plans as well as worry and concern over what the impact will be.

As discussed:


There is a Senate meeting on Monday, at 2pm, on D Floor. This meeting has been convened to discuss these latest proposals.

The campus unions will be meeting by the double doors, at the entrance to D Floor, at 1:30pm on Monday – it would be good to see as many people – union members or not – there as possible.

Also if you know, or work with any senators, please consider lobbying them and asking them to consider rejecting the proposals; at the very least, please ask them to consider requesting a temporary halt in order to extend the time frame for consultation. The University is only giving the Unions 45 days to consult on these proposals – the bare legal minimum.  We do not believe a reorganisation such as this, which is as large as the original BEP that was scheduled to take place over three years, can be rushed through at such speed.


We also spoke at yesterday’s meeting about people who are not Union members.  This link is useful to send to anybody who isn’t a member as it sets out seven reasons why you should join Unison and shows how much you would pay:


If anyone is interested in helping us out,  please send an email to
and we will be happy to have a chat about what we need you to do.  Many hands make light work, as they say!