Student Academic Administration Review (StAAR) **Update**

The latest review stream of the Bradford Excellence Project (BEP) is the Student Academic Administration Review (StAAR).

All three campus Unions – UNISON, UCU & UNITE are agreed that this is the most draconian of all the reviews so far undertaken and carries the greatest risk for the dedicated and hard working University of Bradford Staff.

StAAR places a large number of staff “at risk” either of losing their jobs or seeing their salary reduced, in some cases by two full grades with no pay protection.

The current proposals will see 20% of the current workforce facing a downgrade (compare that to the Vice Chancellor’s 19% pay rise).

The current proposals will see 30 jobs removed (compare that to the £300k that the University spent on Management Consultants).

Unison is saying: “Enough”. As a result, we are calling on the University to go back to the drawing board with these plans and start again.