Why We Are Striking : A Letter To Students

Dear Student,

We wanted to write to you and explain why we are taking industrial action, from Wednesday, which could disrupt your studies. We understand that most of you have taken out large loans or paid huge amounts of cash to take your degree. With this in mind, we felt we owed you an explanation.

UNISON represents employees at Bradford University such as security guards, cleaners, cooks, technicians, gardeners, student support and admin staff. These are the secret army who keep the university ticking over. Most have served students like you for many years. They are often low paid workers who work unsociable hours.

In recent years, the University of Bradford has undertaken numerous restructures. This has led to staff having their job roles changed so they are paid less and also reductions in the number of people working at the university through redundancies. During this same time period, the University of Bradford has slipped down the league tables and fallen behind its competitors.

Members of staff are saying that they are now overstretched as they are covering the work done by two or three people 5-years ago. They also report that this is having a direct impact on the service they are delivering to you, the students.

Over the summer, the University announced yet another institution-wide restructure. At the beginning, it looked like 250 staff were either going to lose pay or be made redundant. UNISON members at the University of Bradford have had enough. They have said they don’t want to strike, but they have been left with no choice.

The problem is, all the previous restructures failed to work. Changes have been given time to bed in and they made things worse. Staff, who are overworked and underpaid, feel they are not being listened to. Now, they are making a stand.


Whilst we know this strike could affect four days of your learning at the University of Bradford, we ask you to understand our situation and actively support us. Students are more than just customers and every UNISON member wants you to have a good experience at the University of Bradford. Please help us overcome this challenge and we will work our hardest to make sure that the university returns to its former glory.

Yours sincerely

Bradford University UNISON