Well, I’ve done it.  I’ve finally been spurred on to log back in to the blog and do some musings for the greater good or amusement of the wider world.

The last couple of days in Sheffield (http://iwmw.ukoln.ac.uk/iwmw2010/) have been amazing and have given me the kick up the bum needed to get overly enthusiastic about work again – which, after a challenging couple of weeks with the new Web and Marketing Team, has been much needed.  Having the new Marketing Team has been great and is proving to stretch me professionally and personally, but I have taken my foot off the web pedal a bit – but now I’m back!

So I’m going to use this blog space to help get my thoughts in order, try out some new ideas, get feedback from peers and colleagues and generally keep a record of what I’m up to.

There will be some marketing musings too, especially about ideas and plans to get the two teams (Marketing and Web) working together in a more project oriented, integrated way.

So watch this space.

I blame Brian – he made me do it.


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