Just put it in the spare room for now

A Content Strategy approach can help to make sure that your website doesn’t become like that dreaded spare room many of us have at home.

Year on year you dump more and more stuff in it, and before you know it there’s a big heap of stuff with no hope of finding anything useful. The door remains closed until the next time you add to the futile mountain of stuff.

The day finally arrives when you feel up to facing the challenge of a massive sort-out day – only to discover that most stuff belongs in a charity shop or in the bin. You wish you’d thought about whether you really needed the stuff and what it was for in the first place. All too often this happens with websites. The web is so big, let’s just put everything in it.

Why do we have this website?
Who are we talking to?
What do our users really want to hear about?

Once we have the answers to these questions we’re on the road to a Content Strategy approach – creating informative, useful and enjoyable content that users really want to see and read.

For me this is a brilliant example of a Content Strategy approach – and it should be, as content is what they’re all about. It’s a simple one page website, with one call to action, the content has a clear objective, it’s user focused and it’s concise. Clearly all the questions above have been thought about.

Brain Traffic homepage


Hear more about all this with Kristina Halvorson of Brain Traffic (above!) on the Insert Content Hear podcast.

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