SiteImprove – the story so far

I love SiteImprove! Although I could be excused a moment of depression when I use it.

Back in late August, when we first looked at this snazzy piece of site analytics software we were dismayed at the frankly staggering amount of broken links, misspellings, and various technical, accessibility and SEO issues.

Despite this, SiteImprove did a wonderful job at outlining all the faults, giving us relevant information that would make the work far quicker than would be previously possible. We could not help but feel a little excited at the prospect of using such a comprehensive tool.

So with great vigour we began the long journey towards web perfection.

Four months have now past since we started working and we have made excellent headway. We have now fully grasped the features of SiteImprove. Setting up regular reports to our CMS users that will enable them to fix issues themselves on departmental websites. Breaking issues into manageable groups that can be fixed and rechecked for immediate positive feedback. Page breakdowns listing prominent issues first, so we can satisfy users needs quickly.

As a result the Web team has now solved most of the site wide errors and have also made excellent progress on some of the more prominent sub-sites.

As an example, the School of Life Sciences had a total of 83 broken links and 70 misspellings, combining the efforts of myself, Natasha Kidd (web content editor), and Ambreen Mirza (of the School of Life Sciences) we have dropped the total number of broken links and misspellings to 5 and 51 in less than a day. This is a great improvement, considering we had not thought there were any issues prior to using SiteImprove.

SiteImprove has also helped us audit new websites, minimizing the errors that go live. This keeps clients happy and users happier.

Despite the daunting task of addressing all of the issues it has highlighted, I remain enthusiastic, as I know that we will eventually achieve an exemplary website that will leave users with an impression of care, and attention to detail, that will only support our clean web styles and user friendly layouts.

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