‘Contact us’ spruce up

Updating and improving our ‘Contact and Find Us‘ section has been a satisfying little task, mainly because I got to play with Google maps. We haven’t made any major changes, just a few tweaks here and there to hopefully make this small but key section more informative and useful for our audiences.

Firstly, we did a slight restructure by moving a couple of sections up a level in the hierarchy to make them easier to get to. We also merged some sections together and added some more useful links, for example to our ‘Guide to the City‘.

How to find us

  • We moved content into a show/hide template (which looks much better than before).
  • We added a Google map.
  • For the directions from the train station we added some some pictures of landmarks. Some of these were screen shots from Google maps.


In the parking section we also included some pictures to accompany the directions. Thank you Google Maps! We hope that by adding these pictures it will help people find us more easy as it can be a little confusing!

There’s lots more we’d like to do with this section, mainly around interactive maps. But for now we’re happy with these tweaks.

If you have any feedback or ideas please let us know at: web-team@bradford.ac.uk.

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