Students – they’re why we’re here

The best part of my job is probably getting out and meeting the students.

When you think of a university, you probably conjure up images of lecture theatres, seminar rooms and lots and lots of students.

But I’m sat in an office students will never see – most would never even consider its existence. And apart from going out to the Atrium to grab a snack or coffee, it could be possible to go a whole working day without encountering a student.

But they are the reason we are here. A large part of my job is creating and presenting content that is useful – sometimes essential – for students or potential students, and I have to bear their needs in mind at all times.

Which is why it is great when I get to go out and do a student profile.

In the short time I’ve been here I’ve met some incredible people – a nurse who organised a conference for 400 people and got the Department of Health to back her, because she identified a training need for her fellow students; a first-year law student from Barbados who has found an unexpected talent for ‘mooting‘ – something I’d never heard of before but now know all about; a postgraduate student in chemical and petroleum engineering who has secured a job at a top company because of the research he’s done here at the University of Bradford.

Their passion for their studies and the way they are all pushing themselves and their abilities to the limit is inspiring.

And I know you’re dying to read these profiles… I’ll be back to add in the links when they’re live, watch this space!

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