A rose as a bud and as a flowerThere’s been a lot going on in the background of the University of Bradford website over the past few months, and there’s a lot more to come.

Our responsive page layouts – that first made an appearance back in March – are being rolled out across the website and now most of the top level site has moved over. Research is the last big area still to go, but it needs a bit of reorganisation before the transition can take place.

Iterative vs Big Bang

The Faculties are also well on their way, with Life Sciences mirroring the iterative approach we’ve been using on the website as a whole, and taking it section by section. With Clearing coming up the Faculty is ensuring the key pages it wants to promote are in the new style, like the School of Chemistry and Forensic Sciences.

The Faculty of Health Studies have gone for the Big Bang approach, and have been working hard behind the scenes to get the new website up to scratch. Between you and me, it’s looking great.

Help is at hand

It’s a big change for many of our users, so I’ve put together a guide to using the new layouts on the Web Team website (you’ll need to login with your university username and password). Please familiarise yourself with the guide, and hopefully it’ll give you some ideas for sprucing up your area of the website!

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