Wood for the trees

Team Bradford signWith a website the size of ours, and the number of people contributing to it, there’s so much content being created and so much information available – but is anyone finding it?

I want to highlight some content from around the website that is particularly relevant now, and in the coming weeks:


This year’s Clearing website has lots of useful information – including what to do once you’ve got a place. You can use it to chat live with our enquiries team if you’re not quite ready to pick up the phone yet, read some top tips, arrange a visit to the University and you can also watch and share our video about how to have a peaceful summer! (Though you can also do that right here!)

We want to promote Clearing across the whole website, so you’ll see banners in various places like the external homepage, Study, Undergraduate, and our Faculty pages. If you think your area of the website should have one, please get in touch!

New Students

This year we’re bringing together all information for new students in one place, rather than being scattered across Faculty websites. On the New Students website you’ll find key dates, induction timetables, links to student resources, Enrolment, and useful contacts. If there’s anything you think should be on there, let us know! (Oh and guess what, we’ve got a banner for this!)

What’s On

There is so much going on in Bradford, but we’re a shy lot and we don’t always shout about it. Every month I’m seeking out some of the most exciting events and venues so students – and potential students – can branch out beyond the (excellent) Friday Night Disco. Check out August’s highlights, ask for the What’s On banner to be added to your area of the website, and tell me about events you think are worth a mention – get in touch on Twitter.

British Science Festival and British Science Festival Fringe

September is going to be an exciting month at the University of Bradford, as we’re hosts of both events. The Web Team created the website for the Fringe festival (in record time!). You can also check out the British Science Festival website.


We love Storify. It’s a really simple and fun way to tell a story! Check out the Students’ Union Storify feed, and the University of Bradford’s one. You can easily embed a story into a website (check out the Graduation one), so if you’re interested in creating one – get in touch with the Communications team.

Students’ Union

Speaking of the Students’ Union, the ubuonline website has had a bit of a rejig recently, with sports and societies split up into separate sections to make it a bit easier to find out what you want to know. There’s lots of information on there about Freshers’ events, the new sabbatical officers, and upcoming trips. They’ve also made a video about some of their recent trips to Scarborough and Whitby!

I think that’s more than enough to be getting on with for the moment!

Spotted any great content around the University? Got any suggestions? Get in touch by email or on Twitter!

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