December Web Community Event – roundup

Thanks to everyone that came along to our festive Web Community event last week.  It was great to see so many people there and to see that the enthusiasm has remained following the initial event back in October.

The Web Team gave a round up of recent project and forthcoming developments including the new student blogs, the Discover Bradford pages, Your Bradford updates and our undergraduate course information.

Paddy gave a roundup of the T44U event in Dublin and got everyone very excited about Version 8 of TerminalFour – there were audible gasps and ooh and aahs!

Anna introduced the new Global Trash folder and answered queries from the room.  Everyone seems to be getting stuck in and deleting their old content, which is great.  This should make things faster for everyone.

People sat at desks.

Our lovely web community gather.

Katie then ran a great session on SiteImprove – for which there were more oohs and aahs! It was great to see everyone so keen to dash back to the office and sort out their spelling errors and broken links!

I finished off with a quick top tip on using User Story Cards when creating new content, or adding anything to our websites.

  • I am a . . .
  • And I want to . . .
  • So that I can . . .

These can be used across a variety of activities, not just website content – see the website for more info.

Oh, and we had mince pies too!

Here’s a link to the Sway presentation that we did.

The next event will be on Tuesday 16 February at 10am – let us know if you can make it through the Doodle Poll.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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