Social sharing, live chat, go-lives – recent developments from the Web Team

We’ve been a busy bunch over the last few weeks/months/years. Paddy in particular has been doing lots of behind the scenes work on course pages and the course database, with some results now live and some still to come!

More on that in a moment, but first some of our recent success stories:

  • The Academic Skills team have worked hard on revamping their website, with a little bit of guidance from me and Claire. It’s now live!
  • Our China website is live, thanks to a combination of efforts including a big upgrade to our server so we (or rather our colleague Monica over in Beijing) could write Chinese characters. We think this will be a great resource, particularly for parents in China.
  • Have a look at the webpage for our Time Capsule that’ll be opened in a few days – lots more content to come once it’s open.
  • The University held a 50th anniversary celebration event for our alumni last month, and I put together a page about it with image galleries, Instagram video embeds, and a Twitter collection grid, as well as a write-up of the day from Jonaid in our Alumni team.
  • Find out What’s On in April, and see a preview of the Bradford Literature Festival
  • I’ve been adding and organising lots more student profiles around the website, and ultimately the plan is to have a great quote on every course page, and on all the Your Country pages.

Back to the work on course pages now, and Paddy has set up some rules so that different types of courses have different call to action buttons, you can share course pages easily by email and social media now (and we get to see the results, which is very useful), and the live chat function now appears only when there’s someone in course enquiries available, and the button is both sticky (so it follows you up and down the page) and mobile responsive. There’s also more work being done on the search filters.

The live chat sticky button will also be rolled out to other relevant pages soon!

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We also had a great session with SiteImprove to learn more about its analytics, and how we – and our web community – can get the most out of the tool.

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