Updates to the ‘Events Item v1’ content type

Some of you might have noticed that the Events Item v1 content type now has two new fields: ‘Is it a public event?’ and ‘Hide event from the global feed?’.

Events Item v1

Why do we need them?
We need these checkboxes to have an option to mark events as ‘public’ and hide repeated events from the global university-wide feed that is being used to populate the Events calendar and is going to be used in the official app of the university About UoB‌.

Is it a public event?

Is it a public lecture? Is the event available for alumni, external businesses, guests, friends etc.? This checkbox is there to differentiate public events from staff and student events.

Events marked as public will be displayed in the Mobile App events feed under the ‘Alumni and Friends’ category.

Also, public events now have their own category in the Events calendar, marked with a little icon.

Events calendar

Hide event from the global feed

Sometimes the same event is added to the website as more than once (under different microsites). As a result of this, the same events may appear multiple times in the calendar (see example below).

Transforming the Nerds event is showing twice because the event was added to two different microsites — Celebrating 50 Years and Events.

Repeated events

I ticked the ‘Hide event from the global feed’ box and the repeated event is gone!

Repeated events

To sum up, the new checkboxes will not affect the way the event looks on your local microsite. However please make sure that you tick them where necessary as they will affect the university-wide Events calendar and the event feed in the About UoB app.