Live, live, LIVE!

There have been a few ‘go lives’ on the University website in the last couple of weeks, so I think it’s time to shout about them.

There were a few websites that were still in the old style, because they needed quite a bit of structural work before they could be moved over into the main responsive templates. But thanks to lots of work by Sarah at the Counselling Service and Steve at the Career Development Service, their websites have now been pulled into line and are looking fantastic.

careers website screenshot.counselling website screenshot

Maarya has also been doing an immense amount of work on the Disability Service website, and it won’t be long before the big red LIVE button is pressed on that one too.

And if you’ve ever ventured onto our AQPO website, you will be in for a (hopefully nice) surprise if you venture there today. Anna and I spent Friday flipping it over and I’m delighted to be able to browse programme specifications on my phone to my heart’s content – I know how to spend my Friday nights.

AQPO website screenshot

The new AQPO website – well, the old one, but it looks pretty


Helen Horsman

Thank Katie, they look great. Would be good to pick up a chat with you again about how the business content of the Careers site fits with the Business Website and whether there’s scope to house the KTP Associates content on the Careers site as it’s about graduate career opportunities. we talked about it a while ago.

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