10 reasons why university is great

Esther studies Pharmacy MPharm (Hons) here at The University of Bradford. In her blog, she gives us ten reasons why university is great.

Esther, Pharmacy MPharm (Hons).

“Going to uni will make you broke”…“Lecturers are scary”…“It’s so hard to make friends at uni”…“You will live off beans on toast”…… blah blah blah.

There are many scare stories about university, but I am here to bust those negative rumours with ten reasons why university is great!


I can testify to the self-growth and personal development that university provides. I mean look at me, I am writing a blog – which was something I had never considered doing prior to coming to university.

University provides opportunities (through academic and non-academic activities) to develop new skills and enhance existing qualities. This includes self-confidence, the highly desired gift of independence (which most teenagers crave), resilience, discipline, time management and the dreaded budgeting skills.

University allows you to directly or indirectly acquire such characteristics that contribute in shaping you not just for future career prospects, but just to be a better human being.

Pursue a vocation

Vocation is just another fancy word for career or profession!

University opens doors to a diverse range of career paths, ranging from the traditionally glorified careers such as medicine and law, to the more modern day favourites such as computer science.

Essentially some careers, such as those in medicine, nursing, archaeology, law and pharmacy, cannot be practised without a particular vocational degree.

Increased employment prospects

I mean who doesn’t like money? Contrary to the false belief that university makes you poor, studying at university actually has the power to not only expose you to higher-end jobs, but also increases your monetary value.

Besides, you CAN work whilst studying.

Statistics show that graduates earn significantly more than those without higher education qualifications and as a graduate, you have a surplus of options both abroad and in your home country.

Of course, studying at university also equips you for employment by allowing you acquire skills that make you more employable such as good written and verbal communication  and problem-solving skills.

Making life-long friends (even spouses)

The friendships you build in university are highly likely to endure and the best thing is that you are exposed to a diverse range of nationalities – you might even leave university with friends across the globe (and you never know when you might need free accommodation or tour guides when on holiday!).

It is not uncommon to meet your spouse at university! One example of this that comes to mind is a couple who both studied pharmacy together are now no longer just course mates but husband and wife too. How sweet!

Your own space

This has been one of my highlights of studying at university. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love and cherish my family! However, the joys of having your own space; with everything intact (or not intact if you are messy) how you left it, is just bliss.

Your space also allows for those occasional reflecting moods and escaping moments to recuperate.

Enjoy new adventures and experiences

Moving from London to Bradford has been an adventure in itself which has allowed me get a taste of a different way of life and different cultures.

I believe that university makes you more open minded and inquisitive; exploring different cuisines, hobbies and jobs.

Exposure to diversity

Through the exposure to people of different faiths, nationalities and ethnicities, university equips you with transferable qualities such as people-handling skills, empathy and patience.

You are also able to learn about different cultures and even potentially learn a new language.

Opportunities to challenge yourself

Challenging myself has been a big part of my journey at university so far. Some of the challenges I have taken on so far include:

  • Being a student ambassador
  • Taking part in Open Day welcome talks during the Q & A sessions on stage
  • Being a part of the This Is Bradford campaign (an opportunity to showcase the modelling and acting skills I never knew I had)

The personal growth I mentioned earlier is often brought about by embracing challenges and learning through them. The decision to even come to university is a challenge in itself, waiting for you take on and overcome!

Build connections

With many different workshops, talks and other networking events, university provides the platform to widen your connections.

Through such networking events, students have been able to get connected with a paid job or valuable work experience, or even signposting and recommendations to useful resources or organisations.

It is often said that it’s not what you know, it’s who you know that gets you through the doors of many different opportunities.

Make your family and friends proud (and yourself of course)

There is something so profound about making your loved ones proud. I have witnessed the overwhelming joy of parents during the graduations I have been able to attend.

Completing a degree is an amazing achievement to be highly proud of. There is not only the satisfaction of making those around you proud but there is the more intrinsic self-satisfaction and contentment to be experienced.

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