10K marathon run for charity. Why not?

Work has been extremely busy this past month. I’ve enjoyed a week of leave. It was very relaxing and is just what I needed.

Many organisations deal with financial year-end round April time and let me tell you, it is one lengthy, detailed process which requires a lot of hard work. I’ve been in the midst of it all, helping where I can and trying to ‘ease the pain’ for  colleagues. Advice – always say yes when people ask for help. Even if you’ve got a lot on, organise your time well and push yourself to do more. Personally I prefer to have a lot more work to do as I can organise myself better around tasks. Hard work gets noticed and this may even open up opportunities for graduate jobs.

What more can I tell you? Most of you are probably already aware of the half marathons which take place in Leeds. I feel that I’m not quite ready for a half marathon, which is why I have joined my team here, in being part of the Leeds ‘corporate challenge’, which is the 10k run for Jane Tomlinson in July. First thought? Excited. Second thought? Good luck, me!  So I’m following a running schedule in the forthcoming weeks to help me practice and my target is to finish the run in under an hour which I think is both realistic and ambitious; I have practiced and have to challenge myself.  It’s nice to be eating healthy in preparation for the run. This way I have planned treats too. Everything is in balance.

Some advice I can give you is to always get involved with team activities/going out with colleagues, it’s a great opportunity to build existing relationships, network and meet people in different departments, as I have done so far on placement. Being friendly and smiling is the first step to building these networks. Not only will this bring you into contact with people in other specialist business areas, it may also generate an interest in something you had not thought about before. For example, I have a newfound interest in Human Resources/Recruitment from my Finance placement, therefore I am considering a Human Resource Management module for my final year.

As I am on an Accounting and Finance degree, I have less optional modules to choose in comparison to those on a general Business Management degree. My core modules are all finance based (Taxation, Auditing, Corporate Finance etc). If I was to give advice to those of you wanting to pursue a degree in Accounting – make sure you are set on Accounting itself, and for those of you who are unsure, I would recommend a general Business Management degree as there is more flexibility with the modules you can choose.

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