5 reasons to choose Bradford

Laura studies BSc Business and Management and she shares her top 5 reasons to choose Bradford. Find out more about studying at Bradford.

Laura, BSc (Hons) Business and Management

It is the time! You have to decide which university to go to! But as exciting as this process sounds, once you start digging for important details which, of course, will influence your life, you find yourself lost. What can you do? Who can you ask for advice? After all, it is you who has to decide…

As a student, I can relate to this ‘mess’ created by the stress of choosing a good university on one hand and preparing for the upcoming exams on the other. That is why I am going to tell you why I am happy with the University of Bradford and why I recommend it!

You can make friends for life

Friendships are one of the greatest gifts in life and here at Bradford, you have all the resources and encouragement to start networking as soon as you arrive! The Green is the perfect place to start! If you are lucky, your flatmates might be your future best friends. You can also meet people throughout your course or through all the sports and societies. And speaking of sports, you will have the opportunity to attend the legendary Wednesday Socials!

You can be more than your degree

At this University you can expand your skills, gain new ones or maybe start a new sport! With more than 30 sports, 63 societies and numerous volunteering opportunities you have no excuse of not having a great CV! If you are interested in sports, you can play a sport casually or become a team member. Did you know that some societies offer free pizza at the end of the meeting? Yum!!! You can even become a student ambassador and help the next generation. Either way, Bradford offers various opportunities to expand your employability skills!

You get additional support

You will never feel alone! Here students are supported and encouraged to learn and follow their dreams! Peer Assisted Learning Scheme (PAL) is meant to make the students’ transition easier. They can help first years with tips and they can also improve their understanding of the course. With the Careers Office and Effective Learning Service, you can have your CV and job applications checked and be one step ahead in the employability game!

You can have fun in Bradford

If you enjoy nightlife, there are various places that you can go to when you are up for some fun. From North Parade to Sunbridge Wells, there are a variety of pubs that you can try. All of them will be presented on the Pub Crawl in the first weeks of the first term. But if you are feeling lazy, the Union’s bars can give you a unique experience as well! Wednesday Socials, Thursday Karaoke Nights and Friday Parties, they are all meant to bring students who like to chat and have fun together, in a safe environment.

You can do all sorts of activities

If you like art and museums you might want to visit Cartwright Hall or Salts Mill. They have a collection of paintings and sketches that will catch your eye! Or perhaps you are more interested in Photography? The Science and Media Museum is worth visiting. You can even play with old school slot machines! Do you like nature? You will find that Bradford is surrounded by beautiful forests, countryside landscapes and lots of wildlife. If you feel brave enough you can even book a hiking trip on Ikley Moor on the Union’s website!

The University of Bradford is a safe space for everyone! Here, there is a strong belief in equality no matter what background the students are coming from so be sure that everyone will welcome you!

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