8 things to do in summer before university

Summer is well underway and it’s time to make the most of it! Check out our tips on how to make the most of summer to help overcome the rollercoaster of emotions that results and Clearing can bring.

Plan for results day

Before you kick start a summer to remember you should plan ahead for results day. Having a strong plan of action for Clearing will put your mind at ease and free up your time to go out and have fun!

Read our top tips on how to be results day ready and save our Clearing Helpline to your phone (just in case!) 0800 073 1225.

Hang out with your friends

Make time for your friends, especially if you are moving away to university. You’ll all be starting the next chapter of your lives in September and will be separated for a while.

So, whether you see a movie, grab a coffee or binge watch tv it doesn’t really matter, just be sure to make lots of plans and enjoy each other’s company.

Explore somewhere new

This summer is the start of a new independent you. Make the most of it by exploring new and exciting places. If you’re able to go travelling and see the world then book the next ticket out of town, or you can keep things local and explore that place you’ve always wanted to see.

Design your new student room

Your student accommodation is ready and waiting for you to put your stamp on it. Start thinking about the posters, photos, bedding and accessories you want to fill it with to make it feel like home. Research some student hacks for some inspiration!

Get a job

Why not look at getting a job with all this new free time you have? It’s the perfect opportunity to save up money for the uni fund. Look for vacancies at summer festivals, cafes, restaurants or anywhere else who may need temporary staff.

Take a spontaneous road trip

Get your mates together and just go somewhere! You might find yourself spending the day hiking in the countryside, exploring an exciting new city or having a whirl on the rollercoasters at a theme park – the possibilities are endless!


This summer is the perfect opportunity to volunteer your time to a good cause. Future employers love to see this type of experience on your CV which may help you secure your dream summer internship or placement year.

Enjoy some me time

It’s important to relax and enjoy your free time. When you arrive at university you’ll be so busy making new friends, joining clubs and societies and starting your classes that you may want to make the most of the summer break.

Enjoy your summer and good luck for results day!

Don’t forget to plan ahead, take a look at our courses in Clearing today.

Author: Alice Gill

Alice works in the Content Team at the University of Bradford, and creates great content to help students make decisions about their future. Alice studied Marketing at university and one day hopes to adopt a panda.


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