A day in the life of a Criminology and Criminal Behaviour student

Welcome to my first ever blog post where I will be talking about my typical day as a Criminology and Criminal Behaviour student at the University of Bradford. I am going to talk a bit about myself and why I chose my course, then I will describe a typical day on my course.

I started my university journey in 2019 where I started on the foundation year. This prepared me for starting my degree in September 2020 and was helpful as it’s different from college or sixth form. I currently work part time as a Care Leaver Ambassador, assisting with open days so you may see me there!

Headshot of Aimee.

Aimee Brannan, Criminology and Criminal Behaviour student

A little bit about me

My name is Aimee, I was born in Bradford and I started studying at University at age 22. The photo under here is of me and my partner and we have been together seven years in October and we both live together in Leeds. He (along with the help of my aunty) really influenced me to start a degree in something I had a passion for.

Aimee and her partner smiling.

I have two cats and in my spare time I love watching crime documentaries, playing animal crossing and days out to different places in the UK (When COVID-19 allows us to do so).

My course

I chose to study this degree because I want to pursue a career in criminology however, I am unsure what career route I want to undertake. That is the best thing about my course, there are subjects which will influence you to make this choice. My favourite topics I have learned so far are Criminological Theory (the theories behind why people are victims or perpetrators of crime) and Crime and Punishment.

Tuesday 9th March 2021

It’s 9am and I am awake for my first lecture of the day which is Psychology and despite being tired I am looking forward to this morning’s session. Today we are learning about the heuristics and personality which is something I have not done before – but it is said that you learn something new every day! Halfway through the session we take a break, and I am starting to reflect on how this module fits into our degree. Can being a ‘bad seed’ really make someone a criminal? Or how nature vs nurture can shape some serial killers.

Break time

A laptop screen displaying the text 'Have a Break'.

Usually when on campus we’re given 10-15 minutes to stretch our legs during breaks but with classes on zoom it is a break to grab a cuppa or turn up the heating! With questions answered and the lecture finished I have time to get some lunch and play the Nintendo Switch before my second lecture of the day. Under normal circumstances, during breaks I would visit the campus library and sit with my laptop, planning answers to essays and socialising with friends, but sitting in the comfort of your own home is great too!


3PM has arrived and it is time for one of my favourite modules, A Critical History of Crime and Punishment. Today’s session is titled “Mad, Bad or Sad: women and crime” which, when I first saw the timetable, I was excited to start! We discussed how women were treated in the 1800s, for example what was a witch? We then moved onto women and mental illness how they were incarcerated in asylums for having children out of wedlock or being promiscuous. This module is interesting because you get to see how different things were only two hundred years ago. Everything you learn really shapes and develops your ideas which is good for academic learning!

Studying during Covid

COVID-19 has challenged the staff and students at the University of Bradford, but it is amazing how well we have managed with the situation. It has been a completely different experience to the typical student life and has brought its challenges, but my first year has still been great!

Aimee's laptop with a screensaver displaying a seal.

Lectures on campus cannot compete with those over zoom but we are still getting the education and support we need to get our degree. If you are a prospective student reading this thinking ‘well this isn’t for me’ I would encourage to you join university as this will not last forever and things will get back to normal soon; also what’s better than learning in your pyjamas and not worrying about catching the early transport!

The end of the day

When the working day is done and my lectures are finished for the week I like to use my hobbies and interests as a wind down and for fun!

As I mentioned earlier, I really enjoy watching true crime movies and documentaries, so I am always learning new things. I also really enjoy cooking which is something I taught myself during the summer lockdown (because in all honesty I couldn’t cook scrambled egg without burning it to the pan!). This is something I really enjoyed because you knew how fresh and tasty your food was. For students I would recommend the nosh for students’ book – trust me you’ll be a chef in no time!

One of Aimee's cooked meals, including carrots and baby potatoes.

Another interest of mine is RuPaul’s Drag Race, I mean how fabulous do the girls look! I haven’t made it to a live show yet but I managed to get a signed photo from all of my favourite queens!

Aimee's signed photo with pictures and autographs from six drag queens.

I do not have a favourite genre of music because I listen to everything, however, my favourite artist is Lana Del Rey and if you have not heard of her I encourage you to listen!

I hope this has given you some insight of myself and maybe we have something in common. Thank you so much for reading my first blog, I hope it has been as interesting for you as it was for me writing it! I wish you best of luck with your further/continuing studies and will hopefully see you on campus soon.

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