A Large Mocha Please

Well it feels good to be back after a few weeks. Hope you’re all enjoying 2012. It’s been good so far hasn’t it? The weather is tropical today, 12 degrees!

You might remember my previous blog entries, the ones which had much emphasis on the popular TV show ‘How I Met Your Mother’. Its such a funny show, on par with ‘Friends’, you need to watch it. But yeah I guess with the time I have free after I finish work I now find time for TV, and sleeping, and blogging too, yet I still feel so busy, how does that work?

What can I tell you about the past few weeks of being an ‘Assistant Finance Manager’ on placement? It’s going steady, I’ve had a few interesting tasks to complete –  for obvious reasons I can’t discuss then but I’m sure those of you who read the Metro newspaper  –I’m assuming most of you who catch trains to Leeds will read this newspaper, the gentlemen who hand them out every morning are on a mission to make sure you leave with a copy of it – if you generally keep up to date with the news surrounding the healthcare system of the UK will know about the press surrounding the health bill/NHS.

The law behind the largest reorganisation in the history of the NHS is still making its way through Parliament this year. Whenever I read about it, I just think “I work there, I know what that means”. So yeah, all in all, exciting times.

This week has gone way too fast. I left work at 1pm yesterday, I had plans to go out to celebrate one of my best friends 21st birthday. Boy that was fun, the cake was HUGE, one of those big ’21’ cakes too. 21 is a magical time. Today I’m taking another half  day (this is out of my annual leave I get in the year – I’m not just taking days off when I feel like it) to go down to Liverpool.

I think my mocha (which is medium size – I knew I should have gone large) a copy of the Metro newspaper, and some healthy snacks are getting me through the morning quite nicely.

Actually, here’s a few pics of my sacred desk (analyse away). I would include myself in this picture but I’ve had less than the desirable amount of sleep and don’t really feel like frightening you at this moment in time. Two things I’d like to point out actually:

  1.  I made sure the screen didn’t have Facebook / Twitter / Youtube on (I hope none of you zoom in to the tabs open, for those of you who did, shame on you – I don’t mix business with pleasure)
  2. It was a bit awkward taking a picture of my desk, for obvious reasons

Play a little game of “Spot the snack(s)”

I love post-it notes!

I love post-it notes!

YES that is a packet of crisps in the far right corner. and YES that is an extra chocolatey cornflake bun, oh how I love food.

Hope you enjoyed reading. I’ll be blogging again soon, bye!

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