Adult Learners: What’s your advice for adult learners considering applying to Bradford?

Returning to education after a break is no easy feat, and you’ve probably got a lot to think about before you make a firm decision.

Whilst you you weigh up your options and decide on whether a return to learning is right for you, here’s some advice from the experts – our current adult learner students.

Headshot of University of Bradford student, Wayne Ryalls.

Wayne Ryalls, Film and TV Production

Simple really – DO IT! I had numerous offers from different universities but there was something that just felt right about Bradford when I came to visit that sold it to me pretty much straight away. I have not regretted my decision one bit and have loved pretty much all of it. The work is challenging but engaging and that’s exactly what I wanted if I was going to progress onto a career in Hollywood when I’ve finished haha.

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Headshot of University of Bradford student, Kulchuma Begum.Kulchuma Begum, Social Work

If you are an adult learner thinking about applying to the University of Bradford, my advice to you would be to do it sooner rather than later because this is a decision you will not regret. The University is a great place for mature students to flourish and make their dreams come true. The lecturers at the University are so supportive and understanding, the level of support available is exceptional and more importantly, they recognise the potential you do not see in yourself and will push you to keep on achieving.

If you’re still unsure, speak to the student ambassadors for feedback based on their real life experiences, speak to the lecturers or even the Recruitment and Outreach Team who support many adult learners including myself to make the transition into university extremely smooth and easy.

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Headshot of adult learner student, Julia Pennington.Julia Pennington, Biomedical Science

What are you waiting for? Come and speak to someone who can advise you, be it on taking a foundation course before a degree, advice on funding, or what help is available if you have a learning difficulty. Don’t assume that you can’t because (insert excuse here). Go for it. It’s never too late (I’m 51!). Believe in yourself!

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Tobias Pritchard, Game Design and Development

Firstly – study something you love. You are going to get in deep in your chosen subject, make sure it’s something you’re going to enjoy living and breathing for at least three years! Come visit – meet your staff, meet your potential fellow students, chat to second and third year students currently on your course, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of your school.

Be prepared to hit the ground running. Get all the info on your chosen field that you can, read it, absorb it. Get used to reading academic papers, look on Google Scholar and similar sites at papers written in your field, make your own notes, start thinking exactly where and how you will want to specialise. The more you know now, the easier it will be later – honestly.

Bradford has been brilliant for me, I’ll be graduating when I’m 48 years old, and I can’t think of any way my time at University could have been better.

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Headshot of University of Bradford student, Elzarie Le Roux.

Elzarie Le Roux, Clinical Technology

As you already know, it will not be easy, but it is definitely possible. The University of Bradford provides an environment that will support you in all aspects of your university experience. They listen and care about their students.

Make sure to develop a good relationship with your personal tutor and you will have a support system for the remainder of your studies. Get to know campus and find out about all the different services and centres Bradford offers to make your university journey as fun and stress free as possible.

A good education is promised to you, support in successfully completing your degree is guaranteed, all you need to do is use it and take advantage of the opportunities available.

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Headshot of University of Bradford student, Jennifer Buck.Jennifer Buck, Physiotherapy

Just go for it! The worst that can happen is that you’ll get a ‘no’, but you’re more likely to be offered an alternative which you may even find could be better suited to you. There are so many tools and support pathways available that no matter what else you have getting in the way, the University can help to ensure that you do the best you can. Don’t be scared to ask questions either, everyone’s journey and experience is unique, embrace it.

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