Arriving at Cal State University Fullerton (CSUF)

People ask me here why I chose Cal State University Fullerton.

Well, I say, I wanted to come somewhere sunny January to June. Wouldn’t you? Obviously they’ve not been to Bradford or England in winter.

Also Fullerton was one of the schools that did similar modules to my Business Management degree. Plus it’s a short car ride away from Disneyland, and lovely beaches. I didn’t realise how big California is, wow, you could fit the whole of the UK in it believe it or not.

Americans think nothing of driving four to nine hours, and will do that to pop home for the weekend. That is some road trip. Unfortunately I do not have a car, I guess there’s no need during the week as I am living on campus and have classes so I have to use the bus when I venture off campus. Which is kind of good because of my Titan card which you get if you attend CSUF gets you to travel free on the Orange State buses.

But on the downside everywhere you go takes a good hour or two to get where you want to. So as I have Fridays free I tend to try and get on a bus to explore where it might take me just to make the most of my time whilst I’m here, so I call these Adventure Fridays.Baseball match.


By the way, first day of term it poured it down! Rained non-stop. I was drenched by time I left my lodgings and attended my first class, I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t have a proper rain coat or brolly. Then the next day it was 26 degrees, in winter. Oh how I wish British weather was like this.

Coffee and Sunshine…

Coffee and Sunshine…

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the start of my journey, I will keep you updated.

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