Asking Adult Learners: Wayne

Wayne is a Film and TV production student at the University of Bradford, who continues to run his own business whilst studying here. Read on to find out about his journey back into education.

Wayne Ryalls

Why did you decide to return to learn?

After running my own business successfully for the last five years, I realised it was time to follow the dream rather than the money. I still run my business, but it is not my passion; I wanted to do a career that excited me to get out of bed in the morning and the only way I could do that was to get the skills required for a career change and that meant coming to university.

What support have you been given as an adult learner?

I have had fantastic support from my tutors, but to be fair I feel I need less support than the younger students as I maybe have that little bit more life experience and can handle the challenges being thrown at me and manage the pressure better.

What’s your favourite thing about campus?

Difficult one to answer really given the Covid restrictions, so I haven’t fully explored as you normally would but hopefully that changes from this year. The parking is great though as you can park on campus and literally walk straight into the building which is great if you commute like me.

Two students operating cameras and two students sat on set in the University's TV Studio.

The University’s TV Studio

How do you manage your work-life balance?

Good question, I think it’s because I plan my day or indeed weeks. If there is a lot of work going on, I like to prioritise certain things and then work through them as the week develops. I have learnt it is better to get on with assignments rather than leave them until the last minute.

What’s your advice for adult learners considering applying to Bradford?

Simple really – DO IT! I had numerous offers from different universities but there was something that just felt right about Bradford when I came to visit that sold it to me pretty much straight away. I have not regretted my decision one bit and have loved pretty much all of it. The work is challenging but engaging and that’s exactly what I wanted if I was going to progress onto a career in Hollywood when I’ve finished haha.

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