Campus life: the benefits of studying at a campus-based university

When it comes to choosing the university you want to study at, the campus can be an important factor in your decision making. Do you choose somewhere close to home? Somewhere rural? Somewhere in the city? In other words – would you prefer to study at a campus-based university or a city university.

A campus-based university is one where the students and facilities are all (or mostly) based at the same site, whereas a city university is one where everything is spread out at different locations across the city.

The University of Bradford’s campus (known as City Campus) is campus-based, meaning you’ll find all of your go-to student stuff is in one place. To help you decide whether campus-based life is for you, here are six benefits of studying at a campus-based university.

Aerial view of the Richmond Building at the University of Bradford.

City Campus, the University of Bradford.


You’ve probably worked out, the number one benefit of studying at a campus-based university is convenience – everything from the library to accommodation to lecture theatres and labs are on the same site. You won’t have to worry about navigating crowded public transport and roadworks to get to your classes on time, and you’ll be able to maximise the amount of time that you have for work and play.

Exterior of The Green, a student accommodation village based at the University of Bradford.

The Green, student accommodation based at our City Campus.

Community spirit

With all of the students living and studying at the same location, you’ll enjoy a real sense of community spirit at a campus-based university. There’ll be regular on-campus events happening, which you’ll be able to get involved in without having to travel far and you’ll be able mix with students on other courses. Plus, with everyone based on the same campus, you’ll regularly bump into people you know.

Four students interacting whilst walking down outdoor steps on campus.


Campus-based universities are usually self-contained (away from the sometimes lively goings on of the city) and benefit from regular security patrols. So you can live and study in comfort and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the campus is entirely populated by students and teachers, not random people passing through.

Peace and quiet

A lot of campus-based universities are situated in rural settings away from the busy city centre, which is perfect for when you’re studying and want to step away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Of course, there’s still the buzz of your student halls and the Students’ Union, however, you’ll likely have tranquil spaces too that you can escape to for some peace of mind.

Green space

With many campus-based universities located outside the city, you’ll find that many are home to beautiful green spaces – perfect for exploring, hanging out with friends and studying during the warmer months. Imagine that – stepping out of your door and pretty much instantly being able head off on a walk which has some majorly impressive views.

The campus Peace Garden.

The University’s Peace Garden.

City links

If you’re worried about being stuck in a bubble or being too far away from the city – the shops, the transport hubs, worry not. Most campus-based universities account for this distance by ensuring that there are good transport links in place, so students can travel between the campus and the city as much as they want, with as little hassle as possible.

Centenary Square, Bradford city centre, lit up at night with active water displays.

Centenary Square, Bradford city centre.

City Campus at the University of Bradford

So do you think a campus-based university is for you?

The great thing about the University of Bradford is that while we are a campus-based university, we are less than a 10-minute walk away from Bradford city centre. This means that you can easily enjoy the best of both worlds – the convenience, beauty and privacy of campus, and the vibrancy, diversity and entertainment of Bradford city.

Want a closer look at our cracking campus-based university? Check out our Virtual Experience.

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