Det bedste er ikke for godt (Pt. I)

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all having as fantastic a time as I am! 😀

I have now been in Billund, Denmark, for just over two weeks, and it’s been brilliant so far! I’ve met lots of cool people, experienced a bit of what life’s like in Denmark, and, of course, played with lots of LEGO! It seems funny calling it ‘work’, but there’s more to it than you might think. As with all product design, you’ve got to make sure that what you’re designing not only looks good, but also functions correctly and provides the best experience possible for the end user at the price point. Each idea we come up with for a product has to go through several – sometimes many – different versions until we reach the one that’s the best solution.

LEGO is, obviously, also a very fun place to work, and yesterday (Friday), we had ‘Play Day’ – a huge event for everyone at the company, where there were many games and activities split across the four levels of the big car park. It was a great day; I had a lot of fun and met lots of new people.

As for life in Billund – well, it’s expensive! Denmark isn’t a cheap place to live, but it’s nice. Very clean and simple. It’s mostly quite flat, and a lot of it actually looks similar to England – lots of green countryside with farmers’ fields and some trees, and plenty of rain. Billund itself is a fairly small place, and there isn’t much to do when we’re not a work, but luckily there are bigger towns not too far away, and we have bikes, so we can go somewhere else quite easily.

That’s all for this part – shorter posts are better –  but Part II will also be up very shortly, so check back later!

Thomas Harding is studying Product Design in the Faculty of Engineering and Informatics

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