Don’t go to an Open Day without doing these 7 things

You will probably visit a number of open days before making your final application, so how do you make the most of them? Visit an open day to put your choices to the test with our 7 must-dos before applying.

By the way, we have an open day on 27 of November.

Quiz the experts

Nobody knows a course better than the person who teaches it. At an open day, you can quiz tutors and decide whether their course is right for you. You can find info on loads of other courses too, who knows, you might discover something brand new.

Attend talks

Most universities plan helpful talks throughout the day so it’s easy for you to get the info you need. These talks are perfect for answering your questions and giving you info on things you may not have even thought about. From fees and finance to student life and societies, talks are varied and take place throughout the day so plan the talks you want to attend in advance.

See it to believe it

You’re not just choosing a university, you’re choosing a campus, a city and a lifestyle. Give yourself time to discover everything the university and city have to offer for you, don’t just believe the rumours. Head into the city for a bite to eat and chat to the Students’ Union about sports, societies and social life.

You’ll have a chance to see some world-leading technology and teaching spaces on an open day and it can be great to see where you’ll study. Check out our virtual experience to see some of our great facilities.

The more the merrier

Don’t go it alone – take a friend or someone from the family. It’s always a clever idea to talk things through with someone after an open day, especially if it’s your first one.

We have a parents’ and carers’ lounge at our Open Day where they can attend talks designed just for them, and you can get a break.

Plan your personal statement

Your personal statement is an essential part of your application and it’s important that you get it right. You’ve got to find a balance between showing genuine interest in the subject and expressing your own individuality.

At an open day, you’ll be able to get insider tips on what to include in your statement so be sure to chat to the tutors about it. We run personal statement writing workshops at our open days to give you an edge.

Take photos and explore

Taking your own photos gives you something to look back on from your own perspective. Free up some space on your phone and take snaps of the campus, lecture theatres and labs.

Make a bit of time in your day to have a nosy around campus by yourself our tours will show you what we think are the bits you need to see but having a look for yourself will clue you up on what you think is important around campus.

Ask yourself “Would I be happy here?”

Take a moment in your day to stop and think about how you’d answer that question. University is such a critical time in your life – you need to make sure you are making the right decision for you.

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