Eat, pray, sleep (and study of course!)

Esther studies Pharmacy MPharm (Hons) here at The University of Bradford. She tells us about her university experiences and the importance of keeping yourself balanced whilst at university.

Esther, Pharmacy MPharm (Hons).

I will be describing my university experience, with inspiration from one of my favourite movies – Eat, Pray, Love. Unlike Julia Roberts, ‘Love’ has not featured in my story here in Bradford, however, I cannot undermine the satisfaction of a good sleep.


The busy life of a student makes one more grateful for the opportunity to relax and enjoy a delicious meal.

Regardless of the hectic lifestyle of being a student, it is vital to replenish your constantly active body with good food. It keeps the brain actively working, which is definitely a bonus! Bradford is the perfect city for food lovers like me, with its diverse range of quality yet affordable eateries.

Whether you are looking for the very casual environment of a takeaway or you wish to ‘wine and dine’ in a sophisticated restaurant, or even something in between, Bradford can meet your needs.

Here are some highlights of the delicious cuisines I have enjoyed at different restaurants, some including; Manjaros (a fusion of a variety of international cuisines), MyLahore (where British meets Asian) and Belgian Fries (the specialist of delicious fries with different toppings).


My faith has been very integral to my life here in Bradford. Being an active member of an on-campus Christian society (First Love) has allowed me to pursue a closer relationship with God and has also served as a major support system for me.

This has also provided social opportunities to meet new people from different cultures. Studying here has therefore contributed to my Christian journey by allowing me to freely engage in Christian activities to demonstrate and develop my Christian faith.


I guess you can call me a ‘homebody’ (someone who enjoys spending time at home), and given the choice, I would certainly be an ‘early bird’. An early night – which once seemed to be a punishment as a child – has now become one of my greatest desires. The early 9am lectures, endless studying and ‘all-nighters’, has absolutely made me more appreciative of a good night’s sleep.

This year, I have implemented a different approach to my study pattern. Unlike last year, I now try to do most of my studying during the day thus allowing myself the luxury of sleeping at night (as opposed to the popular ‘all-nighters’).


I am privileged to have the opportunity to study such a competitive and worthwhile course. Studying pharmacy comes with its satisfactions and challenges.

I can confirm that the circulating story of the weekly tests in the MPharm course is true. As stressful as they are, I cannot deny the positive impact they have in ensuring that I am actively keeping my knowledge up-to-date.

Pharmacy students are fortunate to experience a diverse range of teaching styles, ranging from traditional lectures to the more collaborative Team-Based Learning (TBL). Of course, studying outside timetabled sessions is essential, so I usually go to the library after classes and study till dinner time. I am also able to study at home, but this often requires greater self-motivation.

Despite the sleepless nights, odd eating patterns, endless assignments and tests, being a university student is a rewarding experience that has exposed me to many exciting opportunities. Finally, in the words of Dr. Sue Jones (MPharm course leader), “you get out what you put in”.

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