Four reasons to study Applied Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all around us. Think, personalised suggestions on Netflix, face recognition software on phones and self-driving cars.

It’s an exciting and fast-paced field of work that is revolutionising the world, which makes it a great area for ambitious graduates to enter and enjoy a long and fulfilling career.

With that in mind, here are four fantastic reasons to study Applied Artificial Intelligence at the University of Bradford.

Get hands-on

When you study Applied AI at Bradford, you won’t just be learning the theory, you’ll be actively applying the technical principles throughout your studies.

From your first year, where you’ll be building a biometric recognition system, right through to your final year, where you’ll partner with an industry client to develop cutting-edge solutions to real world problems – you’ll graduate with bags of practical experience.

Improve lives

AI has been improving the lives of individuals and society for years. From email spam filters capable of automatically removing unwanted messages, to digital assistants like Siri and Alexa, which can provide us with answers to questions in a mere matter of seconds.

So if you’re looking to forge a career where you’ll be able to make a notable difference to the people’s lives and the wider world, a degree in Applied Artificial Intelligence will give you the skills you need. You’ll graduate as a natural born problem-solver, capable of tackling complex issues by finding innovative solutions for them.

Increase your employability

Following the rise of Big Data (analysing large volumes of data), many businesses are seeking skilled graduates who can make use of their data to bring about organisational improvements.

As an Applied Artificial Intelligence graduate, you’ll therefore graduate with specialist knowledge in this highly sought area that can benefit businesses across all industries. This, combined with the large amount of practical experience that comes with a degree from Bradford will make you a hot candidate within the job market.

Exciting job prospects

One of the best things about studying Applied Artificial Intelligence is the wide-ranging remit of the discipline. From programming and machine learning, to data analysis and law and ethics, you’ll be able to add many fine strings to your professional skills bow.

You’ll be qualified to find work in exciting and important areas such as User Experience (UX), working with products to ensure that they function effectively and are easy for consumers to use; and Natural Language Programming, which involves creating AI tools capable of replicating human speech – think chatbots and virtual assistants.

Applied Artificial Intelligence at Bradford

Whether you’re a lifelong tech enthusiast or looking to learn some new that will boost your prospects, studying Applied Artificial Intelligence at Bradford will allow you to enjoy a stimulating and engaging work environment, where you’ll develop skills that are essential to the development of the world around us.

Interested in AI? Head to our Applied Artificial Intelligence course page for more information.

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