Goodbye Fullerton

Sadly my time at California State Fullerton University is over, where has time gone? Just as I’m getting all settled it is time to pack up and go.California State Fullerton University.

I’ve done my best to see all I can, between studying and doing my projects.

So let us reflect on this great opportunity I have been given by Bradford and Fullerton Universities working together to make students get the most out of their degree experience.

Some of the things I’ve been able to do:

  • Live the student life on campus
  • Join the Entrepreneur society and Association of IT Professional groups
  • Experience Mexican food (not sure that good or bad with amount of weight I put on)
  • Meet a diverse mix of students from countries I’ve never heard of
  • Be inspired and inspire others
  • Conquer some personal goals and fears like living away from home and my family (even at 43)
  • Drive on the wrong side of the road and on the freeway amongst thousands of cars
  • Go to Hollywood and live the experience
  • Enjoy some beautiful sunsets on some famous beaches
  • Endure some long bus journeys but on the way meet some lovely friendly local Mexicans
  • Learn new words and phrases and teach Americans a few new ones too
  • Enjoy listening to some very interesting guest speakers

So what would I do differently if I could turn back the clock to the start of term?:

  • Go to the gym more
  • Try and mix more and make more effort to join groups
  • Do more studying in the library, as get distracted when I come back to the apartment
  • Try and understand the food and portion size more (bad thing about Gastronome food so good you want to try it all)
  • Get out more
  • Try meet more Americans
  • Maybe get a job on campus to add more skills to my resume/CV

My final exams are finished now time for my holidays. I can enjoy another experience travelling students enjoy is visiting more new exciting places without having to worry about going to class.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in making my stay here in Fullerton, CA, as comfortable as possible and enjoyable, tolerating my accent and being patient with my tales I told about my adventures and experiences. I will miss all my new friends and acquaintances, also my one bedroom apartment but I suppose I have to go back home sometime.

So I better make the most of it, as back to work and Bradford University soon for Final year. Oh dear!

Au revoir, Fullerton… you never know, I may be back!

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