¡Hola a todos!

Hello everyone (or as I have to say these days in Spain: ¡Hola a todos!)

My name is Alexandra and I am a foreign student of Bsc Psychology and Crime.

Coming to Bradford was a big challenge for me. Living in Bradford (on my own) was very different compared to my life back home. There is no mum who cooks delicious dinners for you, no grandma who irons your clothes and no dad who does the food shopping for you. Finally, it was the time to start living as an adult (well, more or less). So after a few days of complaining I made a decision: Let’s start.

So, the first year of my study was pretty interesting from what I remember. Of course, not just in academic terms, it was also about living the life, meeting new people, travelling and partying till early morning. However, the second year of my studies was very challenging. It was a time to put my head down into studying. There was still time for partying but it was more as an exchange deal; instead of partying hard till morning – studying hard till morning. I have always really enjoyed my course, especially modules like Psychological Profiling or Youth and Crime. After finishing High School and studying all the subjects I was told to study I could finally study what I was really into.

However, during the second year of my studies I was a bit disappointed due to the lack of practical exercises. No laboratory session, no field work, no real research, that is why, I started looking for opportunities to study abroad and to do a student placement.

The perfect opportunity came, with the help from International Office I have applied to the University of Malaga in Spain.

Now I am doing my one-year long placement in the Institute of Criminology at the University of Malaga, working as a Researcher in Crime Analysis. By the way, I have to add, Malaga is such a beautiful city.

More about Malaga and my ‘criminal’ tasks later on.

Night view of Malaga.

¡Hasta luego, chicos!

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