Life at LEGO: Home Stretch (Part 2)

Welcome back. Let’s jump into the second half of the last post.

This week will be my last in Denmark – at least until I (hopefully) come back for a permanent job in the future – and perhaps the last time I’ll see many of the awesome people I’ve met since I’ve been here. I’ve had an amazing time here and learned a lot. Everyone at LEGO has been friendly and helpful. I feel that this internship has not only helped me become a better LEGO builder, but a better designer. Making many, many slightly different versions of the same model has made me appreciate a lot more how much work should go into a design, even at the prototype stage. Unfortunately it’s a lot quicker and easier to do that with LEGO than it is to do it with wood and glue.

It hasn’t all been fun and games. There is some (read: a lot of) serious business stuff that comes with the ‘fun’ part of being a LEGO Designer, and within my team, and across the company, there is often quite a lot of stress because of that. I’ve also missed home, and my family, and Iulia, quite a lot, and I’m not sure I could live in Denmark long-term. I definitely couldn’t do Billund for too long.

Overall, though, it’s been one of the best experiences of my life, and I’ve loved (almost) every minute of it. Only almost because they told me they’re not extending my internship. But hey, that means I get to spend more time with friends and family and girlfriend! Every cloud.

This may well be the last post I upload here, so it might be goodbye. I’ll still post things (probably with long gaps between posts, just like here) on my personal blog here, so you can keep up with me there. And when I come back to do my final year in September next year, maybe some of you who’ve been reading my posts can come and say hello.

So, it’s goodbye from me, and I hope everyone has a very merry Christmas (or your preferred choice of December holiday)!

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