Moving on up – 15 must-pack items for university

Moving away from home and heading to university is super exciting. It’s your chance to be independent, make new friends and live by your own rules.

However, in the weeks and months leading up to your move, there’s a fair amount of prep to be done, and you’ve probably found yourself thinking, what stuff do I need to get?

With that in mind, here are 15 must-pack items for university.


1. Bedding

If there’s one thing that students miss about home, it’s their bed. So make sure you stock up on some good quality bedding (duvets, pillows, covers and cases) to keep you cosy while you sleep and enjoy those essential study break power naps. For added comfort, get yourself a mattress topper too!

2. Laundry bag

A laundry bag is an essential for storing your dirty clothes and carrying them to the laundry room. You’ll find all kinds of designs, so choose something fun that’ll help improve the look of your room.

3. Soft furnishings

The most important thing about your bedroom is that it’s a place where you feel comfortable and relaxed. This is where soft furnishings come in. They make your room look and feel extra cosy – think cushions, blankets and a snazzy rug that perfectly cushions your feet.

4. Decorations

Decorations help you to transform your room from a bland and basic space into a cool den that’s full of character. Go for items that will make your new room feel more homely. This could be anything from photos to fairy lights – whatever suits your tastes.

5. Ear plugs

From nocturnal flatmates to people banging about after a night out, you can expect a few sleepless nights as a student. Ear plugs are your ultimate defence against these night time noises, so make sure you’ve got a pair to hand.


6. Cutlery and crockery

Nothings says ‘independent’ quite like your own set of cutlery and crockery that perfectly showcases your personality. They’ll come in handy when you’re serving up your culinary creations.

7. Food containers

One of the best things about cooking meals for you and you alone is that you’ll end up with plenty of leftovers to see you through future meals. So make sure you’re stocked up on some containers which you can store your surplus food in.

8. Kitchen scales

When it comes to making friends with your flatmates, food is the answer. So invest in a pair of kitchen scales and cook up some baked goods that you can munch on whilst you get to know each other better – they’ll love you for it.

9. Tea towel

With a tea towel to hand, you’ll be able to dry your washing straightaway and put it back in your cupboard, where it’ll be less likely to get borrowed or mixed up with other people’s things. You should keep your tea towel in your cupboard too, so you know where it’s been and what it has touched.

10. Name stickers

Labeling your kitchen stuff with some stickers with your name on is a fun way to personalise your things and remind your flatmates not to use your items without asking – it happens. Don’t stop with your kitchen stuff either, go wild and put stickers on your laptop, notepad and anything else you feel like branding.


11. Toiletries

Think shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser, deodorant and all those other bits and bats that will help you look, feel and smell the part at social events and during those long days on campus.

12. Toothbrush holder

A toothbrush holder does exactly what it says on the tin, holds your toothbrush. Be bold with your holder and choose one that’s brightly coloured or has a quirky pattern on it, that stands out and livens up your bathroom.

13. Rubber duck

Rubber ducks aren’t just bath time play toys for little kids, they’re fun decorations that can add a homely yet silly feel to your bathroom.

14. Bath mat

With a snazzy bath mat at your disposal, you’ll be able to dry your feet and avoid treading wet footprints across the carpet – it’s not a good look.

15. Shower radio

With a shower radio among your belongings, you’ll be able to enjoy some feel good music and belt out your favourite tunes while you wash – it’s the perfect way to keep your flatmates entertained.

Hopefully this list has given you a clearer idea of the types of items you’ll need when you move into your university accommodation. Until then, happy shopping and we look forward to welcoming you to campus when you’ve moved in.

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