Moving to Bradford in a pandemic

Ani Nneze Chidimma moved from Nigeria to the UK in the midst of the pandemic to start her Master’s in Human Resource Management. In her blog, she shares some of the challenges she faced, and how she has overcome them to settle into student life in the UK.

Ani Nneze stood up with her arms folded.

Ani Nneze Chidimma, Human Resource Management student

It’s a pandemic! But life will go on. I moved to Bradford in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic and a lockdown to get my MSc degree. Yes! It is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my entire life. I will tell you why.

Self-awareness and self-improvement

I came to improve myself; I came to achieve my daydreams and to prove that tough times don’t last, but tough people do. Studying Human Resource Management at the University of Bradford has been life-changing and informative for me. It hasn’t just been about getting a degree but about self-awareness and self-improvement. I found myself in an institution that carries me along every step of the way!

The Lord Mayor’s welcome

This is a difficult time for everyone, but the University has put so much effort into carrying me along. On arrival at Manchester airport, the University picked me up and brought me to my accommodation. They sent me series of emails that enhanced my settling in.

There was a welcome webinar organised by the University for international students, where we got to wear our traditional attires and were taught about the city of Bradford. The most interesting part was that the Bradford Lord Mayor was present. Say what?! I had a nice time interacting with her while sipping my tea from the comfort of my home. We talked about the history of the city and had a quiz. I felt at home. She reassured us that it is about TEAM BRADFORD and we are all part of it.

Support for students

Lectures are ongoing online and I have been taught by wonderful instructors who want to see me achieving. There are workshops and seminars to ensure quality learning and effective student participation. There is absolutely nothing to panic about because they want to see you win!

So, I cannot think about failure because there is everything available for me to succeed, such as a well-equipped library available on campus and online. The lecturers are accessible – for any confusion, I am just an email away from a solution. There are people to talk to when in need or if I have a special request. I will say that everything is readily available to support you.

Ani sat down at a low table.

All in it together

We are all in a difficult time, but we are all in it together. I spend a lot of time reflecting and self-improving. The University organised a career booster week, which I participated actively in. This was an opportunity to select courses you need to fill gaps in your skills development. I utilised the opportunity to participate in a free project management workshop of 40 hours. I joined the project management institute with a discount student price. And the workshop prepared me for the certification exams. This is what I am talking about: SELF-IMPROVEMENT. The University of Bradford gives you a platform to fly! You just have to grab it.

Achieving a greater Nigeria

It’s a pandemic, but we are unstoppable. When it gets lonely, I go to the Richmond building to study. There is a free fast internet service, it’s a beautiful place, I take pictures too and I send them to my friends and family in Nigeria.

Coming to the University of Bradford during a pandemic is a win-win situation for me. I dream of becoming a technocrat in Nigeria, having worked in the government sector. I want to return to my country with all the skills I have acquired and tender it towards achieving a greater Nigeria.

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