My Open Day Experience at Bradford School of Management

So you’re about to apply for a place at university. It’s really hard to choose, there are so many aspects of a University you need to consider, from the obvious such as the degree course, to the not-so-obvious like accommodation.

I’d like to share with you my experience of the open day I attended before choosing to study at Bradford. Admittedly, I had a very different view of Bradford University before I came to study here. It certainly has changed, and quite honestly, I feel that I have gained so much from these past three years at Bradford than I ever could have at another university. I have enjoyed and embraced the very unique culture of Bradford and met people from all walks of life.

I had so many universities to choose from, with the added pressure of not being 100% certain on what undergraduate course to take. I narrowed down from Business, to Accounting at Bradford to Management at York University. When results were published, I had to decide: do I choose York or Bradford? I gained the grades to get into both courses, so I was unsure.

Trailing my mind all the way back to the summer of 2008 (seems like a lifetime ago), to be extremely honest, I do not remember everything that took place at the Open Day. Simply because there was a lot to take in – just one day in the environment you’re going to be in for up to 4/5 years? I was interested to come back to the School of Management. I do remember sitting through a presentation of what the business courses had to offer and being really impressed with the technology and environment which surrounded me. First impressions: really liked it, I could see myself studying here. I had friends who were studying at the SoM, so I got them to show me around the campus. The atmosphere was very relaxed and people were in their element.

I do remember certain aspects of the presentation at the Open Day. It didn’t take me long to pick the School of Management. Why? Not only is the School of Management Ranked in the top 40 in Europe by the Financial Times, Accredited by EQUIS and AMBA, but boasts a scenic campus full of life. My degree course exempts me from sitting certain exams for ACCA and CIMA, I felt that this was an integral part of my future career and fitted in perfectly.

Here’s a list of my top 5 tips on choosing a university:

TOP TIP #1. DO YOUR RESEARCH- look at the prospectus for a basic feel of the University campus and degree courses

TOP TIP #2. FAMILY/FRIENDS – If you know friends or family who already study there, get them to show you around. You can get a real feel for what the university is like apart from on Open days. I’d suggest using open days to ask questions about the course, campus. Have some questions prepared before attending open days.

TOP TIP #3. WHAT QUALIFICATIONS DOES THE COURSE OFFER/LOOK AT CAREER PROSPECTS – For example, on the Accounting and Finance degree and also other business courses at Bradford, University offers CIMA and ACCA Exemptions. Does your course offer anything similar?

TOP TIP #4. YOU CAN ALWAYS CHANGE YOUR MIND – If you do chose a degree course which you don’t enjoy in the first few weeks, you can speak to a member of staff and transfer. Not having an interest in your degree is one of the worst things that could happen – you need to keep the excitement alive!

TOP TIP #5. A LINK WHICH I THINK WILL HELP –  I found this on the Twitter account of University of Bradford. This link is pretty much everything you should bear in mind when choosing to study at Bradford University. I hope you all love it as much as I do.

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