One good deed

Amreen studies BSc (Hons) Nursing (Adult) here at The University of Bradford. She talks about why it’s important to help each other out at university.

Amreen Mehnaz, BSc (Hons) Nursing (Adult)

Do you ever feel anxious or nervous in new surroundings? You may even be used to a certain place but still feel lost at times, this may be due to feeling under the weather or personal issues. I for one have had many moments when I felt down or lost.

Starting university is a big change for many. We have umpteen amounts of information given to us in the first week and then we have to try to figure it all out.

A good deed for the day

On many occasions, I have seen students looking lost or worried. I have made a point to go up to them and ask if they need any help, even if I could not personally help them, I always make a point to signpost them in the right direction.

I call this my ‘one good deed’ for the day. I feel that if everyone made a point to help someone out around campus, then inevitably we could eradicate that feeling of isolation that many students may sometimes feel at the university. This may not be possible every day, but to have a mindset to help others is very rewarding.

There many ways you can accomplish your deed of the day. For example, you could:

  • Help or signpost a student to their lecture
  • Help someone with printing
  • Help a student to navigate canvas
  • Show students around the library (how to find particular books, or where the best areas to study are)
  • Hold a door open for the person behind you – yes, it can be this simple!

Services available

You may come across students that seem a little reserved or quiet. Some students might not struggle academically at university or finding the facilities available, but have some personal issues or need some extra guidance.

There is a great emphasis on mental health awareness in today’s world and this is also established in the university. Many around us suffer in silence and sometimes just need a helping hand, a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on.

This can also work as your ‘one good deed’. If you notice that someone is struggling, why not mention the services that we have available here at The University of Bradford?

  • Disability Service – provides support and specialist guidance for prospective and current students across the university.
  • Counselling Service – provides a free and confidential service to all students at the university. As well as counselling, they also offer self-help materials and wellbeing workshops.
  • Career and Employability Services – offers a supportive environment with access to impartial careers information and guidance.
  • Student Life Team – provides a variety of services for students who need additional support, if you aren’t sure who to ask for advice, this is the best place to go.
  • Academic Skills Advice Service –  helps students with all areas of academic study and interpersonal skills.

You could even offer support with the knowledge you already have.

Making a difference

Next time you are on campus if someone seems lost, anxious or needs someone to chat to, try to make a point to go up to them and ask if they need any help.

The smallest of gestures can make a big difference. If we all work and help each other, we can enhance our student experience and make it a better learning environment for others. Sometimes a little gesture such as a smile goes a long way. This applies to everyone such as students and lecturers. Try it out today and make a point to do your ‘One good deed’

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