Placement? Don’t be stupid!

So, why should you get a placement in your 3rd year instead of just graduating?

To be honest, I was guilty of thinking I should just get my degree over with and get a job, but let me tell you, if the option is there, just finishing your degree off is not the answer. Work placements are easily the best way to build your career, don’t see it as a job – see it as an investment of your time.

My placement has given me skills and knowledge that is vital in real world marketing, e-marketing and general communications on a B2B and B2C basis.  Yes, Uni teaches you the theory, but a placement is your opportunity to learn the practice, so you can actually put the theory to use.

I have mentioned it before, but if an opportunity to have a 12 month placement isn’t there, go for summer placements – it’s one of the things that got me on the placement I’m on now as well as helping me gain some extremely valuable contacts and friends in the marketing and events industry.

So what have I been up to that would set me apart from any other graduate applying for a job?  Well I have been asked to present the progress and development of the e-marketing I have been working on to the board of directors at the end of the month. I can’t write the exact words I thought when I was told, but wow, what an opportunity!  Not only is this my time to shine, but it’s a good job the emails are doing very well in comparison to last year.

For anyone who read my last post, the cat is doing fine but we are one sofa down. Don’t buy a kitten unless you have indestructible furniture, take my word for it.

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