Postgraduate study does make a difference, here’s why

If you thought Postgraduate (PG) study wasn’t for you, think again. Having the extra knowledge and skills can set you apart in the job market, and in some cases, it can put you ahead even before you attend an interview.

Employers value the experience PG students have and often offer PG-qualified applicants greater responsibilities. In some fields, a postgraduate qualification is the only way into certain stages of a career, especially in academia.

If you’re coming to the end of your undergraduate degree but still have the desire to learn and carry out research, a postgraduate course is the perfect solution.

PG study gives you the chance to specialise in your field and advance your knowledge. If you enjoy your subject of study, then taking it to the next level may be exactly what you need.

In the private sector, postgraduate qualifications are equally valuable. For example, Cyber Security is becoming an in-demand security service and our Master’s in Cyber Security offers the perfect stepping stone into the field.

Studying for a postgraduate qualification is an ideal way to enter a new career. PG Diplomas and Certificates offer valuable practical training that can help you to convert to a new field of employment.

The average salary for someone with a postgraduate qualification in England is £40,000 – compared to £34,000 for graduates and £24,000 for non-graduates. (Graduate labour market statistics: 2018)

A postgraduate qualification is an excellent way to enhance your prospects. Not only does a PG qualification help you to stand out from the crowd, but it also shows your commitment and dedication.

Research degrees demonstrate your ability to think independently and work towards a goal, while taught courses highlight your ability to learn new skills and ideas.

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