Sichuan Summer Camp: Umair Ashfaq’s personal reflection

Umair Ashfaq is a second year Pharmacy student from Rochdale, Greater Manchester. Here he reflects on his experience at the Sichuan Summer Immersion Camp.


Taking part in this summer programme and being able to travel to China was an absolutely amazing experience for me. I am very pleased I was able to take part and got to see the Chinese culture and their way of life. Every day was filled with amazing opportunities, from seeing the bustling city life of Chengdu to seeing breathtaking views from the mountain regions of China. I met some amazing people from all over the world and truly had a once in a lifetime experience in China.

Most memorable moments

Having taken part in so many amazing activities, deciding on my most memorable moment was very difficult. However if I had to choose one, I would have to say reaching the summit of Mount Qingcheng. It was approximately a two-hour climb to the peak, which I completed with two of my close friends who were students from Sichuan University. We climbed the whole mountain including the steepest section, which had an option of taking a cable cart. However, we decided to walk the whole way up. We reached the peak that is home to a beautiful Taoist Temple, which was incredible to see. The temple together with the astounding views of the beautiful mountain ranges made this my most memorable moment.

What I have gained

Firstly, I have gained an amazing firsthand insight into China and the Chinese way of life. I have gained a good understanding of university life in China and how it varies and is similar to university education in the UK. Being a pharmacy student, I feel a gained a lot from visiting a hospital in China and seeing how traditional Chinese medicine is used there and how this varies from western medicine. I have also gained a huge amount of skills from being a team worker to presentational skills and even organisational skills. I have also gained some amazing friends stemming from China, to America and of course Bradford.

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