Start of Spring Break – Fullerton, California

The week before spring break was a tough one – well, two weeks before really. Revision, papers to write for both Bradford and Fullerton, also homework and continuous learning amongst.

Seems a distant memory now as I sit alone in my apartment eating warmed-up pizza, pending the start of it all again. I had been studying till early hours of the morning, panic setting in, will I get it done? And how was I to post my E&E assignment in time for the deadline before my trip etc stress burnt me out? All sorted in the end.

Totally zapped by Friday after three exams and two papers submitted. But that is student life, all preparation for work, no one said it was going to be easy. Well if you think it is easy, believe me it’s not, and even harder when you’re older I believe as you forget things or they take longer to register. Each paper I pass is a pleasant surprise and deserves a pat on the back, makes it all feel worthwhile.

Friday March 23 was the start of Cal State University Fullerton Spring Break, as you recall I joined CSUF Entrepreneur Society and they had organised a spring break trip to Henderson, Nevada (nudge nudge wink wink!) to visit and incorporate a good rest and getting to know each other better. Well-organised, nice accommodation and great breakfast of pancakes, bacon and eggs.Group of people. prides itself on the way it delivers customer service and great employment benefits to ensure both their team and customers are well looked after. It seems to serve USA customers only, hence not that well known in UK. But it was an interesting tour, we found out they send cookies and cards out to special customers if they feel they deserve some, just to add a bonus to customer service, and they still make money. It is worth checking out their office culture on their website, it is quirky and fun, you may learn something for your own business.


Our group stopped off on our road trip back through the desert to enjoy an excellent buffet bargain, $12 each, and the food was quality. I also got to check out Bonnie and Clyde’s authentic car with bullet holes in at Whiskey Pete’s on Highway 15. Thank you to my new friends for looking after me and making me feel welcome.

So on Monday I returned to a ghost town at the resident halls the weather was turning cold and overcast. This is when the sadness of missing everyone starts. The organised trip to the beach was cancelled as I was the only one to turn up. No car, a week alone, I felt doomed. So I pottered around and caught up with everyone at home as there is eight hours difference between LA and the UK.

To be continued…

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