Staying at Bradford: My postgraduate experience

Hajrah graduated from Bradford in 2020 with an undergraduate degree in BSc (Hons) Clinical Technology. She decided to continue her studies by progressing straight onto a Master’s in Advanced Biomedical Engineering. In this blog she shares her reasons for staying at Bradford.

Headshot of Hajrah Siddique, a postgraduate student at the University.

Hajrah Siddique, postgraduate Engineering student

Staying at Bradford

The main reason why I chose to stay at Bradford for my postgraduate degree was because of how comfortable I was during my undergraduate degree. Knowing lecturers, knowing places and understanding the system a lot better especially after working as a student ambassador, I felt a lot more comfortable staying at Bradford instead of going somewhere else due to the way of teaching the University lecturers have.

Expanding my engineering knowledge

After completing my undergraduate degree I wanted to experience the engineering sector more and understand it a lot better and this was only possible at the University of Bradford. The advanced labs and the surroundings were much better than other universities – at least it appealed to me this way. The facilities at the University of Bradford allowed me to expand on my knowledge and gain more from the practical element of things.

A greater understanding

I hope to achieve a much greater understanding of Biomedical Engineering and how different areas come together to produce one idea. I also want to have a better understanding of different machines, how they work and the manufacturing and production aspect, so I am able to apply this knowledge and practical work when I finish my degree and start applying for jobs.

As I want to work more hands on, I really enjoy working in labs, dealing with challenging situations and really putting my all into my work to make it bigger and better. I hope I am able to achieve a much stronger background on the practical side of engineering but also become a lot stronger in the theory side of things, so I am able to put this knowledge together and find myself at a better position in the future.

Stepping straight up to postgraduate study

I had newly graduated and I was still in the student phase, I personally thought it would be a better time to study now than to take a gap year and then study because I would give myself more of a reason not to study.

This was not the only reason I chose to study straight after my undergraduate degree, I was also very keen on learning and seeking new opportunities, and after starting my degree I understood my decision to continue studying was the best because I have got to learn a lot already.

A smooth transition

The main difference is the expectations from lecturers, as it is a level up, students are expected to be a lot more mature and have a clearer idea of what direction they want to go in.

There is a lot more independent working compared to the undergraduate degree and lecturers don’t ask for work or make sure your work is done because at PG level this should already be a priority for students. Additionally, use of vocabulary, scientific writing, referencing and use of language is slightly different.

Students are able to have a smooth transition into postgraduate courses because the lecturers are very supportive and understanding, they know students take some time to learn and understand how to develop better forms of writing and speech as they continue the course. PG study allows students to have better understanding of professionalism and greater time management opportunities.

A great blessing during a difficult time

Studying in the same city has allowed me to stay at home, saving a lot of money. It also means that I am able to work a part-time job and support my family around me. This was one of the biggest benefits for me as my family are a very important part of my life and being able to stay with them has been a great blessing, especially during such a difficult time.

Various students walking past the Richmond Building on campus.Studying at the same university meant I didn’t have to be really anxious about not knowing anybody or starting afresh – I already knew what I was putting myself into and it made me feel much more comfortable in studying here.

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