Student stories: Making Bradford home

Zoe moved to Bradford from Northampton to study with us. After a short spell of homesickness, she discovered that studying in Bradford was the best decision she’s made. Here, she explains why.

My name is Zoe, I am a second year Medical Engineering student at the University of Bradford and have 3 more years left before I graduate with a Master’s in Medical Engineering.

Before coming to Bradford, I was extremely shy and quiet. I was the first person in my family to go to university, making the whole process seem very daunting, with the only tales I heard about university being from student ambassadors or reps.

I chose to study at Bradford because of the Medical Engineering course, the great modules, the opportunities and everything it encompassed. The location of the University wasn’t something that I considered when deciding what university to spend 5 years of my life, Bradford isn’t close to my home town, Northampton, so none of my family lived nearby.

Feeling homesick

Initially, homesickness was a problem for me, despite renting a flat in the city centre with my boyfriend, I loved seeing and spending time with my family, that being the majority of what I did in my spare time.

After a few weeks of university, I really settled in, quickly I realised that choosing the University of Bradford was the best decision I ever made. I realised my family were only a phone call away, and that they could come up and stay in Bradford at the weekends and we could explore new places together.

Getting to know Bradford

Being at the University of Bradford has allowed me to obtain great results, make great friends and this summer I managed to get a placement at an amazing medical solutions company in Leeds.

But Bradford has gifted me with much more than just education – it’s given me the opportunity to learn more about Bradford and the surrounding areas.

My friends and I regularly go walking and adventuring around Bradford and Leeds, never disappointed with our finds. Our best outdoor finds include Lister Park; the flowers and sculptures make it a lovely place to have a stroll and have a picnic, with a quaint art gallery in the building.

Two other great sculpture trails can be found in Bradford city centre and in Saltaire, by a beautiful park and canal, all worth a visit. Leeds also has some great museums to visit, my favourites so far being the Thackery Medical Museum (not for the faint-hearted), the Industrial Museum and Tropical World, which is really like stepping into jungle.

When it comes to celebrating birthdays, results days or just having a bit of a get together Bradford city centre has plenty of things to do and get involved with. All within a 10-minute walk in the city centre you can go bowling, go to either of the cinemas, go shopping and from one of my most recent experiences you could try a birthday party in ‘Time Trapped’, where you get locked in a room with a bunch of friends and must unlock the codes to get out.

Plenty of fun to be had, just choose the right friends to be locked up with! Bradford City Park (also known as Centenary Square or the Mirror Pool) frequently has events for the public to get involved with. One event to look out for every year is the lights festival which takes place at night and lights up the park with the most interesting displays I have ever seen. I’ve been to this event twice with family and friends – I had to share the experience with them!

There is so much to explore in West Yorkshire, lots of things to go and do or see in just a short bus ride. Bradford is a great place to study and has changed my life!

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