The adventures of a first year university student

Esther studies Pharmacy MPharm (Hons) here at the University of Bradford. She gives us her account of life at university so far and why she chose to study Pharmacy.

Esther, Pharmacy MPharm (Hons).

My name is Esther Ikeije and I am a Nigerian by origin but came to Bradford from the faraway land we call London.

Why Pharmacy?

I started my MPharm degree at the University of Bradford in September 2018, so I have now advanced to the title of being a “second-year pre-registration Pharmacist”. Second-year indeed is a significant advancement, with multiplied content, competition and challenges. However, the course content now has a greater clinical focus, which has made it more interesting, with exposure to a variety of drugs and health conditions.

Why pharmacy? Unquestionably, this is a typical interview question that usually gets interviewees nervous. However, a good answer to this question doesn’t just “get you through the door” into the course, it will greatly impact your experience and motivation throughout the course and beyond.

So before you commit to a four of five year financial investment, ensure you have a genuine and personalised reason to study the course. This will prove to be a big motivator when unavoidable challenges arise. The course so far has allowed me to greatly appreciate the amazingly positive contribution of Pharmacists to the health and wellbeing of individuals.

Exciting opportunities

Being just the beginning of the new academic year, I haven’t been involved in many activities, but have continued my active membership as part of a campus Christian society called First Love. I have also been involved in exciting opportunities as an Ambassador; including participating in a Q&A session at the welcome talk for one of the recent Open Days. I am positive about this new year, with hopes to challenge myself with more seemingly difficult activities, more travelling and exploring, as well as working hard to excel at my academics.

A gold mine of eateries

Enough of the serious part, time to get into the exciting life of being a university student. Well, I am not a “party animal” (if that’s what they call it), so I am afraid I can’t provide any stories, recommendations or advice in that department.

However being a BIG foodie, I can confirm that Bradford is a gold mine of eateries. There are countless of places to eat in Bradford, ranging from your local “chicken n chips” takeaway to very posh “wine and dine” restaurants; and the best part is that they are VERY AFFORDABLE! There is nothing better than enjoying a delicious meal without the intense and painful budgeting calculations.

(N.B. budgeting is a useful skill to develop as a student though!)

In fact, having lived in “the big city” (London), I can safely say that the cost of living here in Bradford is significantly cheaper.

Sweet independence

The independence is a bitter-sweet experience (mostly sweet!). I love having my own space! Imagine coming back and knowing that everything will be in the exact (hopefully good) state you left it in and your brother is not around to eat the leftover food you spent the entire day longing to eat when you get home.

However, I can’t deny the fact that there have been moments when I have desperately desired the familiar presence of my family! On that note, I advise all students to ensure they maintain a healthy communication with loved ones (not too much that you miss out on the “independent life” experience and definitely not too little because the comforting voice of a loved one is not to be taken for granted).

Finally, university is what you make it and I intend to make it a solid foundation for a successful career as a Pharmacist!

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