The choice is yours, so why Bradford?

Saffron is studying Physiotherapy here at the University of Bradford. In her blog, she tells us why she chose to study at Bradford.

Saffron Campana, Physiotherapy

Imagine: you are about to start your final year of a Level 3 qualification, you have been trawling through university after university on the UCAS website. They all look amazing, offer similar course modules and similar entry requirements, so where do you choose?
This was the dilemma I was faced with around four years ago.

I felt it was important to attend open days, speak with the university ambassadors and regular students to find out their opinions and the ins and outs of campus life. I know that the pandemic is preventing students from attending open days, and because of this I am going to tell you about my experience and why I chose Bradford to help you decide whether or not it’s right for you.

The open day that started it all

Originally I am from London, so travelling up north by myself, for an open day at a place my friends had warned me against was a big leap of faith.

I had myself booked onto an open day and travelled up the night before so I could get some rest rather than rush. I woke up early, got to the university half an hour before it opened so I could sign in and plan my day. It wasn’t until I got to the desk that I found out I came to the WRONG open day! My coach wasn’t until the evening – what was I going to do?

I spoke to some really helpful students and staff that were running the event and asked if any of the physiotherapy tutors were in their office and if there was a chance I could speak to them. Fortunately, one member of the team was in and came down to talk to me about the course and even phoned the admissions tutor (on her day off!) to find out if I would be accepted – the BTEC I was doing, wasn’t accepted by many universities.

After this, the lecturer showed me the different facilities that the University has to offer, and they answered all my questions excellently.

The staff

One of the biggest reasons why I chose Bradford was the amazing staff. From that first open day (the wrong one!), to the application process and being offered a place, to my final year the staff have been incredible.

All the lecturers are so warm, friendly, and genuine there really isn’t anyone you could dislike. Having studied at a mixture of colleges, I have met a variety of teachers; however, Bradford have been incredible – I know this may seem like I am trying to sell them but it’s true. I have sent emails at 1-2am mid panic, and received a reply by 8am that morning.

When I struggled to get to grips with a topic, my lecturers were able to recommend different books that might help me understand the subject better. Lecturers are always so supportive and really care about their students.

As well as the course staff, I need to commend the other University staff – especially the subject librarians and support staff. The University is here for all students and their needs, why not take a look at the MyBradford page for more information on the services that the University has to offer. I personally have used several of these and each member of staff has gone above and beyond to ensure students are cared for.

The campus and facilities

The University boasts a range of clubs, societies and different facilities (i.e. a gym, on-site and nearby accommodation which include common rooms and laundry facilities). There is a club or society for almost any interest or hobby and they are all inclusive and welcoming whether you are experienced or trying for the first time.

For physiotherapy and optometry, the University has its own student-run clinics where members of the public and the University can attend for a small fee – students in these courses can also volunteer to work in these services to gain experience and enhance their knowledge (I would highly recommend doing so!).

The people

Bradford is a very unique and beautiful place. The best thing is the sense of community that you feel both on campus with the students, and in the surrounding areas.

I have attended several open days at the University of Bradford to make sure it was definitely the right place for me; I spoke to different students about their experience and everyone was so lovely and helpful in giving me advice on accommodation and facilities.

In summary

I fell in love with the warm and genuine atmosphere at the University and how laid back both teachers and students are. Everyone is welcome and all students are included and supported regardless of experience, religion, interests, or abilities.

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