The Sling Thing

The past few weeks have been an odd set of weeks, not only has it been exciting on the work front with lots of new challenges and responsibilities, but I have had to sit in hospital getting surgery on my shoulder.

So aside from having a mass of anaesthetic and my arm in a sling for a week, it’s been relatively uneventful.

One exciting thing that has come to fruition are the promotions which have been and gone recently, Valentines being the biggest one. I was lucky enough to be executing the majority of the promotion from the artwork, the communication strategy all the way to having the temptation of a huge box of Thorntons chocolates sat on my desk for a few days. It seemed to go down pretty well, but we will have to wait to the end of the month to see how effective it really was.

So how has this week gone?  Pretty well in all honesty. Got a full bespoke email marketing campaign finally signed off, loads of artwork for TheOfficeSuppliesSupermarket finished and started work on our annual conference, the best thing though: payday!

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