The transition from job to lifestyle…

I thought it has been a while since I updated you all on how my actual placement was going, rather than just throwing advice at you… and the answer is extremely well!  For the first time I can safely say that hard work does genuinely pay off.  The hours that you have to do on your contract are merely a benchmark, this year is all about leaving an impression and I believe I have achieved that.  As part of the assignment which is in hand with my placement I had to set out some goals… my goals were all about fitting into the businesses culture, learning my role and my duties to the standard whereby I naturally perform said duties without having to think too much – thus leaving room to develop my role.

Six months after I first wrote those goals, I feel confident in saying I have achieved every single one of them and excelled.  The people within the business don’t feel like colleagues, they feel like family and my role doesn’t feel like a job now, it feels like a lifestyle.

Without getting too sentimental, this year has been better than I could’ve asked for, its given me skills to take through the rest of my career, contacts throughout the industry and most importantly that experience that sets you apart from every other student coming out of university with a degree.

Our groups annual conference is next week which is the product of a lot of work from everyone involved and its almost a milestone for my placement.  The best news to report back though, is that I have been offered part time work throughout my final year – easing the financial stresses while I study.

On the back of this… who on earth would question going on placement?!

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