Thrills to be had in Orange County, CA

I love theme parks so I have made myself a member of Knotts Berry Farm. Apparently it was one of the first ever theme parks.Santa-Monica-surfer1

There is a great Mexican influence in the area, a lot of fast food places are Mexican and Burger bars. They even apparently have drive through ATMs; Americans don’t seem to like to leave their cars and are always in a rush. I suppose if you commute and have to use the freeway which can be backed up at rush hour it can take time to get home, so people use a lot of fast food joints to save time.

In n Out Burger bar, Taco Bell, Jack in a Box burgers, Wendy’s, Denny’s dinner, Arby’s, Wienerschnitzel, Panda Express (Chinese) and Baskin Robbins are a few of the places I would recommend, forget about  McDonalds, KFC, Dominos and Pizza Hut.


Best Pizza in Hollywood

I also enjoyed going to the local Brea Mall and Downtown Brea which houses two old fashioned cinemas, looks very old fashioned American with modern dinners and bars.

By the way went to Hollywood for the weekend and it’s not as glamorous as you may think be warned, but you have to go as it’s on the list of things to do! I stopped at the USA hostel, Me and my friend stayed two nights and went and did the bus tour of Hollywood and Beverly Hills, Santa Monica Pier, Beach.

It is less an hour on Amtrak train from Fullerton Station and cost only $11, which is pretty good.

Susan in front of the Hollywood sign.

Hollywood – you’ve got to do it!

So much to do such little time, but then again this is only one state there’s another 49 to go! Good luck with that.

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