‘Tis the season for good food…

Esther is studying Pharmacy MPharm (Hons) here at The University of Bradford. She talks about all things food over the festive season.

Esther Ikejie, Pharmacy MPharm (Hons)

Christmas is one of the most expensive seasons of the year! Despite all the excess spending, I cannot deny the Christmas miracle of love. With several activities held to unite families and even strangers together, there is an undeniable overflow of joy. One very common feature of such activities during this season is…


The perfect season for food galore

The delicious dishes enjoyed are definitely a huge part of the Christmas bliss. The endless invites to Christmas dinners, parties, socials etc. are all great opportunities for foodies like myself to freely indulge without as much guilt (at least until the New Year’s resolution pressures kick in).

I started receiving such invites from last month, which of course were immediately added to my diary. Thankfully, I have some reservations on the foods I indulge in during Christmas. Unlike the rest of the world, I am not much of a chocolate eater so I guess that’s one less thing to pile on to the weight gain.

Christmas in and around the university

There have already been some exciting Christmas events in and around the university. Turkey ham, pigs in a blanket, carrots, parsnips, potatoes and brussel sprouts, perfectly garnished with gravy were served at the recently held Christmas dinner on December 11th at the university.

My student accommodation also did their share to contribute to the Christmas spirit by organizing a Christmas party for the residents with delicious Christmas food, good music and fun games.

The African twist on Christmas dinner

Being of African heritage, specifically Nigerian, our dinner is different to the typical English Christmas dinner. Regardless there is food galore!

Our main meal usually consists of a rice dish (i.e. Jollof Rice and/or Fried Rice), fried plantain, salad and of course chicken. There are other foods included throughout the day, with sweet treats (e.g. cakes, chocolate), pastries (e.g. meat pie), assorted meats etc. Drinks are surplus, to compliment the constant eating throughout the day. The eating doesn’t stop when Christmas day is over, it continues through to the New Year!

The not-so-good aspects

As delightful as the eating is, there are the not so enjoyable aspects of Christmas day. This includes the preparation process (i.e. cooking) and the clearing up after (i.e. washing the dishes). I guess this is why dinners at restaurants and being hosted by friends at their homes are usually quite appealing, as they allow me to escape the chores associated with eating and also provides the opportunities for me to enjoy a variety of Christmas cuisines (i.e. apart from the African one).

All that remains to say is: Seasons Greetings and Happy New Year to you all!

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