Transferring to the University of Bradford: My experience with Clearing

Hisham has just completed his Computer Science degree here at the University of Bradford and he tells us about his Clearing experience.

Hisham Shahid, BSc (Hons) Computer Science

My experience with Clearing was interesting. I transferred to the University of Bradford onto the 2nd year of the BSc (Hons) Computer Science course, which was actually a different course than what I had already been studying. Transferring to the University of Bradford is one of the best decisions I have ever made for my education, and it all began with the Clearing process.

The Clearing process

In total, my transfer to a new university took only nine days. I have had friends take longer to reply to a text!

I started my application in late August 2018; only 27 days before the start of the course. It began with a call to the University of Bradford’s Clearing helpline who helpfully advised me to have a discussion with a departmental member of staff.

I searched through the staff listings on the official website and came across Daniel Neagu, a Professor of Computing who then became involved throughout my entire transfer process. His help was unprecedented.

He instructed what I needed to send to move forward with my application; which university and course I was transferring from (including UCAS and institute code), what course I would like to study, my results transcript from my first year and the module guides for all of the modules completed. Bearing this in mind, it’s even more unbelievable how quickly my admission was processed!

In addition, he put me in touch with the right people to progress the application, he advised me on which course would be most suitable for my career aspirations and he chased up the status of the application as the start date for the academic year was bearing down on me. In order to be eligible for direct entry into year two of the BSc (Hons) Computer Science course, the previous credits that I had completed in my 1st year at my then current university had to be approved in relation to the 1st year credits for the new course.

This was done quickly by the Admissions Team and my application was approved through UCAS. In late August, and in only nine days, I had transferred to a new university and changed courses – the effectiveness of the Clearing process.

Benefits of Clearing

I have since completed my final year at the University of Bradford. I don’t have to think too hard to realise how much Clearing has benefitted me. Whilst I imagine everyone’s experience with the process is different, my experience was simple, quick and easy. For something that seemed so complex to be completed in only nine days is inconceivable to me. Yet it happened! Not only that, I was kept updated and advised throughout the entire process.

The decision to transfer to the University of Bradford was made on the basis that I wanted to change courses to more accurately match my career aspirations. I chose this University in particular, to study the course, as I had heard raving reviews from family and friends.

Compared to the University I was first at, my academic performance improved considerably. Not only that, I made long-lasting friends at the University of Bradford (something which I failed to do in my original university). Also, my mental health improved as I generally felt more content and comfortable in this new environment.

The Clearing process showed me what I was to expect when I joined the University; supportive members of staff, quick turnaround in communication and a welcoming environment. Because of all this, I felt more inclined to give back; I found myself much more involved in university activities and voluntary work than ever before!

To conclude, the Clearing process I went through to transfer to BSc (Hons) Computer Science at the University of Bradford was effective. It benefitted me in all aspects of life, least of all my education. There’s often things in the past that I look back on and regret… this decision will never be one of them.

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